Our Service

Goebel Transmission provides personalized service that is transparent, informative, and unique to anywhere else you could choose to do business. Sole proprietor, John Goebel, is committed to providing you with all the information you need to understand exactly what your transmission needs, along with the options to bring it up to your speed. During your appointment, Mr. Goebel will evaluate your needs on a personal level like no other shop and break down the options and cost associated to get the performance you want out of your transmission. 

Goebel's High-Performance Process

Phone Consultation

Over the phone we will conduct a basic consultation where we will ask what type of vehicle or equipment you have along with what issues, if any, you have experienced with your transmission/torque converter. This way we may get a basic idea of what malfunction or break down might have occurred. (Although, further inspection and tear down is necessary to make a final accurate diagnosis.) Then you will explain what type of operational use you plan to use your transmission in so we can better understand how we can meet your needs. You will be informed on [insert johns critical sell point]. This step will be a simple information gathering session to help you determine whether you want to schedule an appointment to come into the shop for a one-on-one teardown and diagnosis of your transmission with Mr. Goebel.  

Custom Transmission Repair
Torque Converter Modifications

At the Appointment

As a sole proprietorship, Goebel Transmissions must attempt to streamline the shop's time and energy, therefore more than 95% of the jobs brought in are removed from the vehicle or equipment by another party prior to any scheduled appointment. This helps to focus solely on quality repairs and the performance enhancement of your transmission. Having your transmission out of your vehicle or equipment also allows us to take the time tearing down your transmission and looking over any damaged parts together. If you would prefer to drop off your transmission and then later conduct a further breakdown and diagnostic by phone, that is always an option as well.

One-on-one Teardown and Diagnostic Discussion

Our goal at Goebel Transmission is to accurately diagnose problems and allow you the comfort of seeing first hand exactly what went wrong. You will be able to ask any questions you may have while we tear down your transmission, and with Mr. Goebel’s vast knowledge, he will go over your options to keep things stock or tune it up a bit to meet your demands. After evaluating any damaged components and discussing your desires for your transmission’s performance, you will be given a breakdown of labor and parts cost for a final price quote. You won’t find smoke and mirrors at Goebel Transmission, just honest answers, fair pricing, and honest quality work.

Dynomometer Testing

Our troubleshooting means no trouble for you.

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